This stuff is absurd…So does The Lion King Face Shirt it makes a joke of the Paris Climate Agreement.It’s always been a joke. They expect the people that are actually decreasing their carbon emissions to pay ridiculous sums of money while China is going to grow their carbon emissions for years before they even think about cutting them.

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It’s The Lion King Face Shirt. The US cut more emissions than any other country last year without wasting ridiculous sums of money on the agreement.Jon Misch but it’s doing nowhere near enough as the second biggest contributor of emissions on the planet. That’s why it’s a joke.Since when did a Tax ever fix things for Climate! Everyone knows where the problem lies and who the real polluters are! France has one The Lion King Face Shirt of Taxes in the World and that has been increasing since Macron came to power!Substitute green agenda for globalist agenda.

From: Hutechtee