Polka will never die shirt would also raise €34bn ($39bn; £30bn), although according to news agency Reuters, just €7.2bn will go towards the environment.So a small section of French people are greedy and dont have a bigger vision in mindThis article is silly and Macron trying to become the green ranger will probably amount to 0% repair of the climate.

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So why tax it onto your citizens? Polka will never die shirt are not just about Fuel , go look at independent reports .. they want Macron out ..It’s people that are the true victims fuel prices have just increased just like gas pricesThe rich think about BS climate change. The poor have to worry about diesel prices at the pump. Cop 21? Only propagandaSo the green agenda surely is against migrating people from low carbon footprint nations to high carbon footprint ones. Stop pushing propaganda, the ones who have to pay for climate change are Polka will never die shirt, just 100 corporations account for 71% of global emissions.

From: Hutechtee