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I’m concerned how things are going. First as the Wolfram and Hart attorneys at law shirt moves to weeding out the non us citizens. We are now going to implement this new PT standard which will result with many more soldiers leaving the ranks. Isn’t this going to cause a huge drop in the number of soldiers? Reserves and guards don’t have this equipment and doubt they will for some time when our country is using budgets to fight forest fires and flooding. I think we need to revise this plan. Ok, the more i read the more it is clear that they either never had anyone from the Reserve Component involved with this or if they did those people totally failed at being voices of reason.

So let’s get this straight. Congress authorizes end strength increases in all compo’s and stresses the need the need to fill the force with quality Soldiers. Meanwhile, we want to revamp the APFT (which is needed) but want to eliminate profiles (which will increase losses) all while hopefully keeping USR ratings at an acceptable level? We also want to permanently increase authorized training days for RC/NG above 39 and expect Soldiers to accommodate this time away from their civilian employers. Although years away from implementation, this will ultimately lead to a reduction in force when we can’t adequately maintain the required resources to accomplish missions thus having a plethora of C4-C5 units.