I think his tips are awful. Books make me happy humans make me heart hurt shirt that transports you, your imagination, your knowledge, your humor, your emotions. It doesn’t have to be amazingly profound, but it can be. These tips, they just kill the idea of you emotionally connecting with a book. Fine, if you’re not loving a book, don’t finish it, but sometimes, finishing it, will surprise you, like “girl with the dragon tattoo” I found that so hard to read for about half the book. But then it became brilliant. It was worth the suffering. I don’t like this, he’s killing the beauty of reading! All that Jay puts may not be practical as the real purpose of reading a book is learning something anew.

And thought processes Books make me happy humans make me heart hurt shirt are the key ingredients that keep the reader glued to a book. Less read , but more content of a book digested is like a more satisfying meal for the reader. Well I really thought I’ve actually found her until she stop listening and then later stop communicating basically lost touch and the only reply that I would normally get back from her is to seek professional help…. so I actually looked into it and of course they can’t fix what I want but suggest.