Chris Hemsworth is so done with the LAvengers Lhasa Apso dog shirt didn’t call him for CW, and then went ahead and put him back on the same old character after all the fun he had on Ragnarok. Gurl, he’s ready to leave. I don’t hate Captain Marvel, I just hate when I don’t know whether her butt double should get credit for a scene or Brie Larson. Well, since she’s probably going to have a big role in this, let’s hope at least the final blow will be delivered by the originals. Stark or Cap, the heart and soul of the Avengers, before their death as speculated. I’m kinda disappointed with Fury’s dumb chemistry with Carol. His eye is a joke now i thought it would be a dark story behind those scars.

Wvengers Weimaraner dog shirt

All the young guns are dead and all that’s left are the old asl Avengers. LAvengers Lhasa Apso dog shirt. I have a simple solution for the people hating, dont lile the movie or actress dont watch it but dont bother with end game either then. Why they looked like freaking stormtroopers at the end? Kinda lovin the white suits. And I also want to see scarlet witch back to kick some butt please. You know this sets up the premise for time travel to be a main part of this movie? God I hope they don’t ruin it like they did X-men and change everything to make way for new movies. Was looking forward to this, but then remembered game of thrones is out, think I’ll be watching that instead. Brie needs to work on her look tough face she looks like she’s squinting into the sun. They cut the final scene where Chuck Norris is getting out of his bed.