Germany declared war on the USA after Pearl Harbour. It was agreed between the USA and Britain, that it was more important to stop the Germans in Europe than the Japanese in the Pacific. Consider the vast distances that the Japanese would have to travel to get to such places as Australia or Hawaii. When France fell then the Germans were only 21 miles from England. If England had fallen then the chance of Europe being liberated from Nazi domination would have been incredibly difficult.

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If England had fallen then Russia would have had to fight on alone without the convoys of aid which Britain helped send to Murmansk. Germany would not have suffered the bombing which crippled its industries and its cities. The Mediterranean sea would have become an Axis sea. European resistance fighters would not have received weapons and support from Britain.

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Take the idea one step further and imagine Britain becoming a Nazi puppet state. Spitfires, Lancasters, Hurricanes and Mosquitos being sold to Hitler and the British Navy becoming part of the Kriegsmarine. British soldiers becoming part of the German army.

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You have got to ask yourself what kind of world would we be living in if the Axis powers had won. We would all be driving around in German cars and using Japanese computers. We were already basically fighting Nazi Germany indirectly. Everybody hated Nazi Germany but nobody wanted to fight a costly war after WWI had occurred just two decades earlier. However, the Lend Lease Program ensured that we were doing our part by aiding our allies in Europe.

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The Lend Lease Program supplied Allied nations with food, materiel support, oil and raw resources. The US spent the modern-day equivalent of $667 billion on the Lend Lease Program, sending millions of tons of supplies to The UK, The USSR, China, France and Australia as well as other Allied nations. We were essentially fighting the war through our allies; many Royal Navy Ships were lent to the UK from America.

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A fairly complete convoy system was being introduced off the US east coast from Florida north, but the submarines were now concentrating in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. They could now spend more time on station assisted by ‘Milchcow’ supply boats. The result was that Allied losses continued at a high rate, especially among tankers. In the North Atlantic, convoy lost seven ships in one night to a pack attack. Hitler generals opposed that but many where fearing to confront The Firer. Also keep in mind that America as a country represented the grand challenge for Nazi ideas about their vision of racial supremacy over others. States where ideal grand enemy after Soviet Russia would fall, they thought so.Schnauzer Schnauzer Svengers Avenger Hoodie

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This was in part because the Germans were allied to the Japanese (though only had an informal agreement to support them militarily against the US, in part this was because the US was already involved in the ‘Battle for the Atlantic’ by extending the range of US influence to cover increasing amounts of territory. They were also operating ‘unrestricted submarine warfare’, which targeted any ship which might be bringing goods or men to Britain or other Allied powers. This included a great deal of American shipping and resulted in the sinking of many tonnes of US ships, the loss of US lives, and the sinking of two US Navy ships. Roosevelt was inclined to become involved, however, there was not widespread support from the US people or government until after Pearl Harbour and German declaration of war.

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So, the short answer is that Germany declared war, had been attacking American shipping, and was part of an alliance with the Japanese which brought the US into the war. If they had not declared war then it is likely the US would have gotten more directly involved, however, it is unlikely to have happened in the same timescale. According to the terms of their agreements, Germany was obliged to come to the aid of Japan if a third country attacked Japan, but not if Japan attacked a third country.

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It’s much more complicated than “they didn’t hurt us, so we won’t hurt them. Before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, America was heavily supporting the British against Germany. Why did they do this? Mainly because Great Britain is a democracy and Germany was a fascist regime run by an over controlling dictator. Similarly to World War One, Americans were concerned with protecting the ideas of democracy, free speech, and all that. That and the fact that we had stronger economic ties with Britain than Germany.

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When France and Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, due to their actions in Poland, the United States was inclined to help them, as they at the time were allies of theirs, and have been allies for many years. They supported France and Britain through supplying them with weapons and money, along with sending volunteers to fight in the war, to help sustain the war effort.

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Now, up to this point, the USA haven’t declared war on Nazi Germany yet. Shortly after the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan and Germany, with the vote being  in the Senate in favor of war, and 393–0 in the House in favor of war. The USA directly declared war on Nazi Germany because of Japan’s attack on US soil, declaring war on the Axis powers in their entirety.Chihuahua Chihuahua Chihuahuavengers Avenger Hoodie

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Germany was nowhere near a threat to the United States. Germany was anti-communist and in my opinion with my research I think there was going to be a pre-emptive strike on Germany by the Soviet Union because there is so many soldiers lined up on the border before the Germans attacked Operation Barbarossa. When you really think about it it’s all about money the spoils all go to the victors. Roosevelt said unless you take your troops out of China right now will lift the sanctions Maybe. And these sanctions were harsh because Japan had no raw materials. They were completely Reliant on Imports especially during wartime so they figured let’s attack Pearl Harbor the United States Navy and it’ll give Japan time, roughly six months before all the damage could be repaired by the US and they could go in their offensive.Doberman Pinscher Dpvengers Avenger Hoodie

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