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 Jesus, folks nervous as cats, my guess because you could barely pass the current APFT. These events are not hard! Deadlifts are not hard, it’s the most basic and practical lift there is! And if you can’t do these The Lion King Outkast Stankonia mashup shirt well good news it’s an all volunteer Army, there’s the door! “Reserve and Guard units don’t have gyms to train in!” Well a Globo-Gym membership runs about $10 a month in most places, go sign .
 Seems like the complaining that’s going on here are those who are probably just barely skating by with the current APFT. Unfortunately for those who are skating by, you may have to actually put in a little more effort than say your normal morning PT session. What I am seeing is a tool for increased physical fitness that will at the same time reduce the total years a Soldier can do. Think about it…all the Soldiers who won’t make it to their 20 because of the “no profile” or you’re out rule. I’d be willing to bet we see a significant drop in the percentage of 20 year year retirees. Thats saving the government millions if not billions of dollars a year.