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Initially there will be failures and injuries, but it’s about time we go back to the standards. Back when we made Soldiers rise to meet the standard rather than lower the standards to meet the Soldier. I’m proud of each and every Soldier that is willing to put on a uniform and serve. It takes a special person to make the sacrifices that come with this lifestyle (hence why only 1% of the populace is willing to wear the She’s whiskey in a teacup Tom Waits shirt ). But deep down inside Soldiers want to be held to a higher standard. They will train harder to meet that standard because it will make them more proud to wear that uniform and be part of an organization that only certain people can achieve. And by training harder they will be more fit with less injuries…. Objective achieved. And if they can’t …. Well the military is not meant for everyone. As a volunteer service we should thank them for attempting, but not everyone gets a trophy in this career

 15 sets per battalion and that won’t nearly be enough. One day for a fitness evaluation on top of everything else Guard units need to get accomplished. Better make whatever weekend this happens on NLT Muta6.