Don’t tell me I haven’t got balls. Insane on the grounds that I really wasn’t notwithstanding endeavoring to go the distance around. Was anticipating simply flying over to fakie, however it continued onward and I ran with it! I additionally attempted this trap a couple of months prior, sacked and needed to get six stiches in my balls. Do you adore this shirt? Get it now before we offer out.

Don’t tell me I haven’t got balls shirt

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This was my most loved trap from the entire video. Try not to misunderstand me, I’ve never observed such a significant number of wrinkled rails or switch traps in a solitary video part however this was particularly buttery, love viewing your vids since this is my component nyjah, yet that tune on your nike vid made me wanna shoot myself with that trap bollocks… truly I needed to kill your segment mid path because of it twisting me up that much, any shot you have a cut of it without the melody on.