Fyre Festival guys tee

Let’s make soldiers fit by doing an APFT that’ll take pretty much half to a full work day with minimal equipment and graders. That’s all I see with it besides the high number of failures due to so many events in one day 🤷🏻‍♂️ commanders best get ready for those separation packets .They are going to have a lot of people to kick out for the first 3 years or about once this kicks off, due to profiles, people not passing, health. Units have to train to prepare for this new test. The Reserve and Guard don’t have time or days to do this, we are short numbers now.

The army is already struggling to keep certain MOS’s like CRNAs, OR Nurses, Surgeon, tech Programmers, Etc..this new pt test will make retaining those willing even harder. The Fyre Festival shirt needs me more than I need the Army so scores for these fields will be interesting.